iLite offers training on our iLite Moodle site where you can experience simulation training that shows you how to perform various tasks in Moodle.

iLite can also arrange a face-to-face training session where we will run through the various activities that you will need to know to get up and running in Moodle.

These face-to-face training sessions can either be individual training sessions or a group training session. Once we are done with the face-to-face training session, we leave the link to our Moodle site where our simulation training and links to resources are located.

The training session can include the following activities:

  • Discuss the administrative functions of Moodle
  • How to add users to the site
  • How to manage users using cohorts and groups
  • How to set up a course
  • A review of the resources and activities that are available in Moodle and how they can be used
  • Adding a SCORM activity to Moodle
  • Explain the different reporting options that are available in Moodle


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