SSISA goes online with Short Courses


For over two decades the Sport Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA) has led the way in providing sport, fitness and wellness information and services to both health professionals and the general public. This information has predominantly been disseminated via workshops and courses which have been held at the SSISA.

To extend their reach and to help spread the message further afield, SSISA turned to an online learning solution.

The challenge

The SSISA has world class expertise, but was struggling to find a platform that allowed it to effectively market and distribute this content to a broader audience. A solution was required whereby they could offer training material to consumers who were unable to attend formal training session.

The solution not only had to provide access to the training material, but it also had to adhere to the high standards of training set by the SSISA.

The solution

SSISA engaged with iLite to help them set up an online learning solution using Moodle. The aim of the site was to promote their online courses, and provide easy access to the training material. This was done by setting up courses in Moodle that were developed by experts in their various fields.

These courses include videos, additional reading material, and training templates. By working through this content, a client would gain a better understanding of how to improve their performance.

The modular approach of the content allows the user to build their experience up as they work through the content. Formative assessments are added to help the user assess their progress. Discussion forums and access to the SME further help to enhance the learning experience.

To further enable access to the learning platform, iLite added their Moo-commerce shopping cart to the Moodle site. This allowed for a seamless user experience in making a purchase, and immediately getting access to the course. Unlike other shopping carts, the Moo-commerce shopping cart forms part of Moodle. Payment is done using a secure online payment gateway. A payment notification is sent back to Moodle on completion of the transaction.

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