Moodle Partner

iLite is a certified Moodle partner with users in countries across Africa accessing our servers.

Our philosophy is simple:
To offer an affordable hosting solution that meets the client's needs, and scales as the business grows.

Process mindfulness

Key to this scale-as-your-grow mindset is proper initial planning and implementation of the Moodle instance.

By aligning the Moodle installation to your immediate needs allows us to get you started for a very low initial investment. Scaling your Moodle site as your business grows, means you only pay for what you need.

What we do
Ask the right questions upfront.
Help you map your requirements for the immediate and long term.
Start lean, but with the end in mind.

Hosting with iLite
All our Moodle installations come standard with:
  • Branding a theme of your choice.
  • A compatible free theme or commercial theme you provide.
  • Additional plugins installed.
  • HTTPS security for the domain.
  • Assistance with registering the domain for you.
  • Automated backups of the courses.
  • Daily backup of the server.
Needs Analysis


Moodle Demonstration

Try out Moodle with this hosted demonstration from Moodle. This Moodle demonstration is running Moodle 4.0

Moodle Cloud

Experience Moodle for yourself. Sign up for a free Moodle Cloud account and try Moodle for yourself.



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