iLite CC has developed a very effective process for creating and delivering interactive content to our clients. Our development process consists of four simple steps that allow us to create, test, and deploy the content. We make sure that the content we develop works optimally on Moodle.

Depending on the client's requirements, we advise on the best authoring tool to use. For interactive content and simulation training, we typically recommend using Articulate Storyline. If you require interactive responsive content, we typically recommend using Articulate Rise.

If you require something a little special, we have also developed games and include animations that we have developed in Adobe Character animate that can bring your content to life.

Content Development Process

Articulate Rise
Articulate Rise

Articulate Rise can create custom lessons with flexible authoring using interactivity, such as a labelled graphic, process, timeline, and accordion blocks. We can tell stories with text, charts, tables, and multimedia blocks. We can even add custom interactivity blocks from Articulate Storyline in Articulate Rise.

Articulate Rise sends a completion status to the LMS as soon as learners meeting the completion requirements. You can set the completion requirements by either tracking using course completion, tracking using a quiz or tracking using a Storyline block.

Articulate Rise allows us to add quizzes to the courses that can comprise of multiple choice, multiple response, fill-in-the-blank, and matching quiz questions.

Articulate Storyline
Articulate Storyline

Create dynamic personalized content and interactivity using slide layers, triggers, states, drop buttons, dials, sliders, markers, and hotspot images. We can also add video, record screens, add captions, characters, and pan-and-zoom effects.

There are two ways you can track you course in Articulate Storyline. First, you can track based on the number of slides viewed, and second you can track based on a quiz result.

There are different types of questions, namely graded questions, such as True/False, multiple choice, multiple response, etc. survey type questions, such as pick one, pick many, essay type questions, etc., and free from questions, such as drag and drop, pick one, pick many, hotspot etc.


H5P comes standard with Moodle 4.0 and allows educators to create rich interactive content directly in Moodle.

  • Create content in the content bank and reuse it in other courses.
  • More engaging content with user interactions and gamification is possible.
  • Works on the Moodle mobile app.
  • Relatively easy to learn.
  • Content can be created on the desktop using an app such as Lumi and uploaded to Moodle once done.

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  • Articulate Rise
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