Hosting and Support

Moodle Partner

iLite CC is a certified Moodle partner with users in countries across Africa accessing our servers.

Our Clients

Some of the clients who trust iLite CC with their hosted Moodle instances.

Hosting Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple:
To offer an affordable hosting solution that meets the client's needs, and scales as the business grows.

Hosting Philosophy

At iLite CC, we have reimagined what Moodle hosting should look like. Too much emphasis is placed on disk space and server performance and not enough on matching your Moodle requirements to the most affordable hosting option available.

iLite CC sets up all Moodle sites in accordance with the best practices defined by Moodle. This is the baseline for ensuring that all sites are set up correctly and function as expected.

Once the base site is up and running, a security evaluation and performance benchmark tests are done. This forms part of our initial setup and final check.

All iLite CC hosted solutions come standard with the following:
All sites have an SSL certificate.
Sites are set to run using HTTPS.
Servers are patched to the latest security releases available.
iLite CC hosts on servers that are ISO27001 compliant.
Daily backups of the database and core code.
Scheduled backups of all courses.

Hosting Options

iLite CC has various options for hosting your Moodle instance.

Subscription Hosting
Subscription Hosting

A minimum amount of space is made available with additional space added as the number of users increase.

There is no limit to the number of registered users that can be added to the Moodle site.

Per-user cost for each registered user on the site. Control your spending by adding or removing users.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting

A fixed amount of server space is allocated based on requirements and the tier selected.

There is no limited to the number of registered users on the site. There is a limited number of concurrent connections.

Cost is based on the amount of disk space required, concurrent connections and the tier selected.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

The whole server is allocated to the client. Additional storage space can be added for backups and videos.

Unlimited users and up to 5000* concurrent connections.

The price depends on the performance and disk space required.


iLite CC has several support options tailor-made to suit our client's requirements. We offer SLA as well as ad-hoc support to clients that host their Moodle sites on-premise and with iLite CC.
Every support request is important to us, and we work diligently to ensure that all tickets that land on our desk are processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.


iLite provides cloud-based hosting on both shared and dedicated servers that have been configured around your requirements.

We offer generic Moodle training covering all the basics to get you up and running. We also provide deep-dive training that focuses on your particular requirements.

At iLite we provide content development as a service using Articulate 360, or directly in Moodle using the available resources and H5P.

Managing your own Moodle site is very much in line with our hands-off approach. We look after the server, making sure Moodle is running at its best, while you focus on using Moodle.

Yes, we can. Although iLite has a number of larger corporates that we work with, we very much believe that education should be available for everyone. To that end, we work with companies of all sizes to help enable learning where possible.

If you are currently a Moodle Cloud user wanting to move to a hosted solution, then iLite can help.
Send an email to to find out more about:
  1. Setting up your own Moodle site on our standard hosting package
  2. Adding 5 additional plugins of your choice
  3. Adding and styling one of Moodles free themes
  4. Assisting you with moving your content from the cloud to the new site

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