Wiris is a software development company founded 20 years ago and headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Long Beach, California.
Wiris creates, develops, and maintains all of its tools and is the sole owner of MathType for Office tools, MathType SaaS, WirisQuizzes and more.

MathType for Moodle

MathType for Moodle offers an easy user experience that will boost your productivity. Include math equations and formulas into assignments, questions, or communications between users. Use our toolbar, keyboard, or take advantage of touch screen devices with our handwriting recognition.

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WirisQuizzes for Moodle

Break the typical limitations that standard quizzes have and deliver true STEM assessments using random parameters, graphs and much more. WirisQuizzes for Moodle will be your perfect partner to improve your students' learning process with real-time feedback.

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https://docs.wiris.com/mathtype/en/mathtype-for-lms/mathtype-for-moodle.html ;

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