Hosting Solutions Available

iLite offers many hosting solutions, that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We have the latest server technology that includes a huge range of features. When you host your Moodle site with iLite, your Moodle site will be located on a rock-solid redundant hardware with up-time of 97%. As an added feature for hosting with us, you will get the support of our support team to ensure that your site remains up and running.

Unlimited Traffic
Intel Core Quad Core
HDD Enterprise-class Disk
Single Power Supply
Software RAID 1
480 Concurrent Connections *
Unlimited Traffic
10 GB Disk Space
3 FTP Accounts
250 POP Mailboxes
10 MySQL Databases
20 Concurrent Connections *
Unlimited Traffic
15 GB Disk Space
7 FTP Accounts
500 POP Mailboxes
20 MySQL Databases
40 Concurrent Connections *
Unlimited Traffic
20 GB Disk Space
15 FTP Accounts
1000 POP Mailboxes
40 MySQL Databases
80 Concurrent Connections *

* This is a best guess estimate based on the available hardware. The server could handle more, but this is not recommended as it will directly impact on performance of the Learner Management System.

Concurrent connections to the server are further influenced by the actions of the users and the type of content being consumed.

Benefits of Hosting with iLite

Our staff understand the Moodle Learner Management System and can support it with troubleshooting, reporting and so much more. Your Moodle site will be loaded onto rock-solid redundant hardware and will be backed up daily to ensure the ultimate level of protection. We also cater to our client’s unique requirements with regards to automated course backups at scheduled times, or site upgrades after business hours.

We are piloting a new concept called Host as you Grow, where the cost of the hosting solution is based on the size of your Moodle site. As your Moodle site grows in user numbers and content, so too can the cost of your hosting. This allows you to get up and running with Moodle with a small initial investment. Just as Moodle is modular in terms of what it offers, likewise your hosting can now adapt to your needs.

We would like to help as many people as possible have access to online learning. By providing affordable hosting and a low cost entry point to online learning we hope to help the education process.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
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