Content Development

iLite has developed a very effective process for creating and delivering interactive content to our clients. Our development process consists of four simple steps that allow us to create, test and deploy your content. We make sure that the content we develop works optimally on your Moodle site.

Depending on the client’s requirements, we decide on the best authoring tool to use. For interactive content, the tool of choice is Articulate Storyline. For video-based content, the tool of choice is Camtasia. We also like to use a blend of tools such as Articulate Storyline for interactive content, and Moodle activities and resources for additional content, links and embedded videos.

Articulate Storyline

At iLite, we use Articulate Storyline as our primary content authoring tool. We have been using Storyline since its very first version. Storyline is now in its third release and continuing to provide a class-leading application for content development.

With the latest release of Articulate Storyline 360, we can provide our clients with a more effective review process. All reviews are published, and a link is sent where the reviews from the client are tracked and can be audited.

Over the years, we have developed many courses for clients, both locally and abroad. Through our expertise and knowledge of Articulate Storyline, we are also able to develop games and include animations developed in Adobe Character Animate.


Camtasia is great for video-based content with little interactivity. The timeline allows for quick and easy control of the animations and audio syncing. When publishing, we publish to SCORM which allows the activity to be tracked in Moodle.


Moodle has its own built in text editor, called Atto. Nothing beats using the native Moodle editor for rapid content creation, that is easy to edit and quick to load. Although, authoring content in Atto can be limiting. Fortunately, there are several plug-ins that can extend the standard Atto functionality and allow you to enhance the level of content being created. By selecting the correct Moodle activity, you can further enhance the learning experience.

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